04 Oct 2022

Sunpower Flexible Solar Panels

Introducing the latest addition to the MI Product range now available - Sunpower Flexible Solar Panels.

With both 50W and 100W models available, the Sunpower flexible panels provide a high quality and highly efficient solution to uneven or curved surfaces.

Constructed using Sunpower’s Maxeon Prime copper-backed cells, these panels offer 22-25% cell efficiency - higher than their non-prime cells they supply/private label for other brands, or conventional front contact cells used by other manufacturers.

Designed for harsh marine environments, Sunpower panels are incredibly space efficient and offers up to 30 degrees flexibility. This allows for easy fitment onto most surfaces using either adhesive, or the mounting grommets on the panels themselves. The cells are also resistant to corrosion and cracking, meaning no power losses.

With its Ultra-thin profile at only 5mm thick (20mm thick at Junction box), both models feature IP67 rated junction boxes, 450mm cables with MC4 connectors for easy adaption to most systems.

Sunpower flexible panels are backed by a 5 year power and 2 year product warranty (with no salt water exclusions)


Sunpower Brochure Thumbnail Click to view the Sunpower Flexible Solar Panels Flyer
SPR-E-FLEX-100 Link Thumb Click to view the 100 Watt SPR-E-FLEX-100 Product Page
SPR-E-FEX-50 Link Thumb Click to view the 50 Watt SPR-E-FLEX-50 Product Page
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