20 Oct 2022

Procell Battery Range

Procell, by Duracell, has continued their brand revamp and expansion to provide more battery solutions.

For the past few years, Procell's brand revamp has raised awareness of its professional use battery ranges. The addition of the Intense range, plus lithium cylindrical and coin models has shaped the range to provide broad appeal to many industries and applications.

To support his, Procell, the battery brand owned by Duracell and designed for industrial and professional use, has launched a campaign to showcase how its longer-lasting batteries can help businesses save money and avoid unnecessary disruption. 

The Battery Changer campaign highlights the real costs in maintaining equipment is in the actual replacement of batteries rather than the batteries themselves. The tag line "Replace less, Save more" is a simple summation of the benefits of using Procell, and the video advertisements offer a humorous take whilst raising awareness.

If you're not across the ranges, they consist of:

Model # Description Inner Qty Outer Qty
Procell General Purpose
PC2400 AAA Industrial Alkaline 24 144
PC1500 AA Industrial Alkaline 24 144
PC1400 C Industrial Alkaline 12 72
PC1300 D Industrial Alkaline 12 72
PC1604 9V Industrial Alkaline 12 72
Procell Intense
PX2400 AAA Intense Industrial Alkaline 24 144
PX1500 AA Intense Industrial Alkaline 24 144
PX1400 C Intense Industrial Alkaline 12 72
PX1300 D Intense Industrial Alkaline 12 72
PX1604 9V Intense Industrial Alkaline 12 72
Procell Lithium Coin
CR2016-BP5(PC) CR2016 Lithium Coin (Blister of 5) 4 40
CR2025-P5(PC) CR2025 Lithium Coin (Blister of 5) 4 40
CR2032-BP5(PC) CR2032 Lithium Coin (Blister of 5) 4 40
Procell High Power Lithium
PC123 CR123 Lithium Cylindrical (Box of 12) 1 18
PCCR2 CR2 Lithium Cylindrical (Box of 12) 1 18


To support their message, there is a number of available resources to draw upon:

Procell Whitepaper In 2021 Procell also released a whitepaper to highlight the hidden costs of battery replacements. Click to view
Procell Battery Changer Videos Here is the Procell Battery Changer Campaign videos. Click to view
Procell Catalogues All available Procell brochures and flyers are here. Click to view
A collation ofindustry guides Industry Selection Maps have also been created to provide a guide to different industry sectors on where batteries are commonly found and which Procell batteries are best suited to these applications. Selection Maps are available for Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Commercial Properties, Construction/Contractors, Manufacturing & Utilities sectors. Click to view


If you'd like more information, please contact your nearest Master Instruments office.

All Procell prodcuts can be viewed on our Procell Brand Page.

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