31 Jan 2023

New PV System Components


MI now has a wide range of circuit breakers, terminal shields and enclosures available from Noark and PV power

Master Instruments now carries a wide range of DC circuit breakers & associated protection devices to support battery & power system builds. With these great range additions, you can now access all of system components in the 1 place.


Moulded Case Circuit breakers

The Ex9MD range of moulded case circuit breakers (MCCB) provide high current breaking capabilities for DC circuits.

Used primarily on battery banks, these MCCBs provide a more serviceable approach to protection than standard NH fuse bases.

• 5 frame sizes - 80A to 800A
• High breaking capacity
• Installation flexibility
• Field installable accessories
• Certified to EN 60947

DC switching voltage
250V DC per pole e.g. 2 pole = 500V DC
2 and 3 Poles models available from 80A to 800A


Circuit Breaker Enclosures

The IP65 rated enclosures from PV Power & Noark offer IP65 water ingress protection for circuit breakers.

The PV power models offer watertight wall-mounted distribution boards for domestic and industrial fitments for mounting modular equipment for protection (IP65) against water, dust and more.

Designed for use wiuth the Noark Miniature circuit breaker range and available from 4 to 36 poles.

Also coming soon is the brand new Noark NWPB-1 IP65 rated enclosure, which has been designed for use with the Noark molded case circuit breaker range. This unit is suitable for 2 pole MCCB's from 80A-250A and accomodates both frame sizes 1 and 2.




Miniature Circuit breakers

The Ex9BP-N series of miniature circuit breakers from Noark Electric are non polarised and available in 2 and 4 pole designs.

DC switching voltage 180V DC per pole (e.g. 4 pole = 720V DC)

2 Pole models available from 10A to 63A



Terminal Shields

The Noark terminal sheilds are a great addition to the MCCB range by offering touch protection of the terminals themselves.

With options for 2 and 3 pole MCCB's ranging from 80A to 800A, the covers provide peace of mind in any system build.



PV Fusing

MI also stocks the Noark 2 pole PV Fuse holder with indicator for integration into consumer housings.

The GAVE brand 20A fuses are also available and in stock.


The above ranges are constantly growing so the MI website is your first port of call for all product information. All product pages featured specifications and datasheets etc.

If you'd like to know more about this, please contact any of our helpful sales staff.

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