13 Mar 2023

Drypower Lithium and Victron Energy

Drypower Lithium Batteries with Bluetooth Monitoring
They say knowledge is power and understanding the power usage and performance of your lithium battery is a powerful tool.

The comprehensive range of Drypower lithium batteries have models and sizes suitable for a multitude of different applications - recreational, industrial and commercial alike. Whilst the batteries were designed as lead-acid replacements, many applications would benefit from an external monitor to provide those crucial system parameters.

So rather than re-invent the wheel, we are suggesting pairing your Drypower lithium battery with the Victron Energy SmartShunt to do just that!

The SmartShunt, is a very simple-to-install bluetooth battery monitor suitable for any 12V-48V battery system, but more importantly utilises the globally renowned VictronConnect App to display system information.

Phone App in hand Adding the SmartShunt to your Drypower lithium system provides:

  • Real-time state of charge, Voltage, Current, consumed capacity and estimated run time available
  • User setable alarms for low SOC, and low and & high voltage limits (*must be with-in bluetooth range)
  • Usage & charge history
  • Trend graphs to ensure your system is running at optimal performance
  • Save and export usage data for external analysis



Installation is easy:

Schematic Image


Using bluetooth negates the need to install panel meters, and means you can now house your batteries in less-accessible areas.

VictronConnect also acts as a hub for all Bluetooth enabled Victron Energy equipment and connects to all devices within bluetooth range.

In Infrastructure applications, you can check your system without having to access the battery - perfect if the battery is located up a pole or a tree! Mobilty users can monitor their range/distance travelled and adjust usage according to battery consumption, to further extend service life. And campers can ensure there's enough juice in the battery to keep the fridge working through the night!

If you haven't considered a battery monitor for your system, the Victron Energy SmartShunt is a great product to consider.

Available in various sizes in standard form (IP22), and IP65 rated version for that extra peace of mind.

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