20 Mar 2024

Noark Hybrid Inverters

Noark's highly anticipated CEC Approved Hyrbid Inverter range is finally here.


Refinements to the already tried and tested platform, have culminated in an efficient user experience for both installer and end-user.

Featuring single and three phase models, Noark have provided a range offering to cater to a diverse number of installation sizes and power requirements, suitable for on and off grid installations. 

These multifunctional Hybrid inverters, combine all the functions of an inverter, dual MPPT solar charge controllers, & multi-chemistry battery charger which can all be monitored and controlled with the myNOARK software monitoring package. Suitable for residential and light commercial use, the Noark range maximises the self-consumption rate of solar energy and increases your energy impendence.

Compatible with battery modules from leading manufacturers such as Pylontech, Power Plus, BYD & Many more. See below for full list

System configuration & monitoring is super efficient by utilising either the much more user-friendly inverter mounted GUI, or via the fantastic myNoark portal.

myNoark DevicesmyNoark Icon

myNoark provides users the ability to configure the inverter to your specific usage requirments, monitors input and usage data to display real time status, and even provides mobile and email alerts should anything go awry. 

But what's most important, is Noark are here to support the Australian market. Their multi-level Australian-based technical team are on hand to provide aftersales support, comprehensive technical backup and even warranty adjudication for the Hybrid inverter range; and furthermore, all myNoark system data is stored in Australian-based servers, ensuring your data isnt being sent overseas. 

CEC approved and backed by an Australian backed 10 Year warranty, the Noark Hybrid Inverter range is currently available in the following sizes.


Specifications: Sion Single Phase Trinix Three Phase
Battery Voltage Range 40 - 60 Volts
Max. Charging Current 120A 135A 190A 210A 240A
Max. Discharging Current 120A 135A 190A 210A 240A
Charging Curve 3 Stages / Equalisation
Charging Strategy Lithium Ion Self-adaption to BMS
Max DC Input Voltage 500V 800V
MPPT Operating Range 150V - 425V 200V - 650V
Max DC Input Current 26A (13A/13A) 58.5A (39A/19.5A)
No. of MPPTs / Strings pMPPT 2/1 2/2 2/2+1
Rated AC Output Power 5000VA 6000VA 8000VA 10000VA 12000VA
Rated AC Output Current 21.7A 26.1A 34.8A 14.5A 17.4A
Max Cont. AC Passthrough 35A 40A 50A 45A 45A
Max. Efficiency 97.6% Inverter / >99.9% MPPT
Ingress Protection IP65
Grid Compliance AS/NZS 4777.2:2020
Safety EMC Standard IEC/EN 61000-6-1/2/3/4, IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2

Master Instruments is proud to be a Noark official distribution partner

To find out more about Noark's Sion & Trinix Hybrid Inverter range, please visit our Noark Page, or click on the brochures below.

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