01 Dec 2008

MI recognised with National Award

Master Instruments has been recognised by the Diversity @ Work organisation for their contributions towards Workplace diversity.

Diversity @ Work is Australia's leading innovator in consultancy services, resources and training for organisations engaged in strategic-diversity management, workforce planning and cultural transformation. The Diversity @ Work Awards recognise leading practice in the area of diversity and inclusion.

The award for Employment & Inclusion - People with a disability (Small/Medium) was presented to Master Instruments, and accepted by Ian Strevens (Production Supervisor), at a lavish function in the Palladium Ballroom in Melbourne's Crown Casino on the 13th November 2008.

Since 1999, Master Instruments, through it's partnership with CRS (Commonwealth Rehabilitation Service), has trained more than 30 people with a disability, and has employed 16 staff with a range of physical and psychological disabilities including back injuries, depression, lupus and arthritis.

Master Instruments is proud to support workplace diversity.

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