27 Aug 2010

Panasonic VRLA Changes

Panasonic have moved some standby products to FLAME RETARDANT grey cases and therefore have changed Model No's as detailed below.

This is a rolling change and may take up to 5-6 months for new models to come through.


Affected models are:

LC-R064R5P will become LC-V064R5P

LC-RA1212P1 will become LC-VA1212P1

LC-X1220P will become LC-P1220P

LC-X1228P will become LC-P1228P

LC-X1228AP will become LC-P1228AP

LC-X1242P will become LC-P1242P

LC-X1265P will become LC-P1265P

LC-XA12100P will become LC-P12100P

UP-RW0645P1 will become UP-VW0645P1

UP-RW1220P1 will become UP-VW1220P1

UP-RW1236P will become UP-VW1236P

UP-RW1236P1 will become UP-VW1236P1

UP-RWA1232P1 will become UP-VWA1232P1

UP-RWA1232P2 will become UP-VWA1232P2

UP-RW1245P1 will become UP-VW1245P1


All other models remain UNCHANGED.

As the new model become available, they will be viewable on our website and include data sheets for download. 

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