10 Nov 2010

Enecharger MOBILE & MULTIMEDIA USB Charger Range

The enecharger series of Mobile/Multimedia device chargers & power adaptors is a total charging solution for today’s busy lifestyle.

This great range of chargers is suitable for Mobile & Smart phones, PDA’s, GPS, Hand held games and Portable audio devices for such brands as Apple iPad, iPod & iPhone, Blackberry, HP, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nintendo, Nokia, O2, Palm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Vodafone, ZTE and more.

This concept revolves around the USB cable that provides simple easy transition from 240V AC Wall charging to 12/24V DC Car charging, to even USB charging from your PC or Laptop!

Now the average household can use one charger/power adaptor for most devices rather than needing a different charger for each individual device.

To make things easy, Mi has provided Individually Packaged Charging Solutions for the more common device models.

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For those who want the freedom and flexibility to mix and match, we also have the individual components available.

For a 240V AC Wall charger solution, you require
          - 1 x SMP500A005USB-AS power supply
          - 1 x USB-C-ADAP USB Cable
          - 1 x the appropriate Adaptor for the device (ADAP-xxxxxx)

For a 12/24V DC Car charger solution, you require
          - 1 x NR-CC34USB-500 or NR-CC34USB-1000 power supply*
          - 1 x USB-C-ADAP USB Cable
          - 1 x the appropriate Adaptor for the device (ADAP-xxxxxx)

* Those devices that require the NR-CC34USB-1000 DC power supply will state this on the results page of the appropriate adaptor (ADAP Models: IPHONE, NDS, NDSI, NDSL, SAMG800, SAM2510 & SONYPSP).

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*Please note some devices use a USB adaptor cable for power/charging and also for communications/uploading/downloading with a computer. The enecharger ranged is designed primarily for power/charging supply so may not always work for communication with a computer.

This component method allows you to stock a few of the 240V and 12/24V power supplies, a handful of USB cables, and an assortment of “ADAP” Adaptors, giving you the ability to tailor specific bundles for your customers...

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