13 Jan 2011

New & Improved Eneloop

The Eneloop "ready to use" rechargeable cell has been the flagship of the consumer battery market for some time now...

What you may not have realised, is that over the past year, major improvements have started to flow though to your shelves.


What is the difference between the "old" and the "new" improved eneloop?

  • An extra of 500 charging cycles - instead of being rechargeable 1000 times, the new eneloop is even rechargeable up to 1500 times. 
  • Improved self-discharge. Even though the self discharge of the old eneloop was already impressive and in fact world's best at 75% capacity after 2 years, the engineers have made it even better! you can store the new eneloop for 3 years and still it will retain 75% of its capacity.
  • You need a battery, which is reliable even when having cold temperatures? Before eneloop was suitable for temperatures as low as -10°C - now even until -20°C.
  • The new eneloop is even more environment-friendly as it is pre-charged with solar energy at the Twicell factory in Japan
  • How to tell?

    Look for the model number with an 'A' at the end. The original model numbers were HR-3UTG and HR-4UTG for AA and AAA size batteries respectively. The new improved eneloop batteries are model numbers HR-3UTGA (AA) and HR-4UTGA (AAA).

    Reward yourself and the planet!
    The question now for any person using AA/AAA batteries, (just about everybody) do you want to save money, be kinder to the environment, use a hassle free, worlds best 21st century product that offers the longest lifetime performance from an AA or AAA size battery? Why are you still using alkaline or lithium or other brands of rechargeable AA/AAA batteries? 

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