13 Jul 2011

The world's best AA battery just got even better!

Master Instruments as the official Sanyo Mobile Energy major distributor for Australia & New Zealand are proud to announce the official launch of the new Sanyo XX battery powered by eneloop technology.

Available in AA size consumer packs of 4 as well as in bulk for large volume users. For more details see the information below.

Another addition to the eneloop family is the new eneloop glitter 8 pack of AA batteries.

Features Sanyo XX
model HR-3UWX
Eneloop Glitter
Ready to use from the pack Pre-charged at factory from solar power Pre-charged at factory from solar power
Nominal Capacity 2500mAh 2000mAh
Power compared to alkaline AA Up to 5 times more power per charge Up to 4.4 times more power per charge
Number of recharges Up to 500 Up to 1500
Capacity Retention Still 75% charged after one year storage Still 85% charged after one year storage, 75% after 3 years storage
Environment Packaging & batteries completely recyclable Packaging & batteries completely recyclable
Country of Origin Made in Japan Made in Japan
Suggested Retail Price $26.99 $39.99
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