Pylontech-Victron Compatability




*Important Information*


When connected to a Victron Multiplus / Quattro Inverter Charger or MPPT this Pylontech battery utilises DVCC ( Distributed Voltage & Current Control) to control the charge current.

It is essential to use the CAN-bus connection of a GX device (e.g. Cerbo GX ,CCGX, Venus Gx or Octo GX) with the batteries for the keep-alive signal, communication of charge and discharge limits, error codes and state of charge.

Enabling DVCC changes a GX device from a passive monitor into an active controller.

To connect from the Pylontech VE.Can port to the GX Device Can-bus port you will require a VE.Can to Pylontech cable (Links below).


 Click here to read more about how Pylontech can be inetgrated with Victron Energy products   



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