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Categories Portable Power Product
Custom & Specialised Batteries
Specialised Torch, LED Torch & Laser Sight Batteries
Power Products & Accessories
Description Rechargeable NiCd Torch Battery for SL20 suitable for Streamlight, Maglite, Magcharger Torches
Application Streamlight / Maglite Torch
Original Brand Maglite, Streamlight
Chemistry Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Voltage 6V
Watt Hour 15Wh
Nominal Capacity 2.5Ah
Width 32.3mm
Height 180mm
Weight 381.5g
Suitable For: Maglite 5000, Streamlight SL20, SL20X, SL20XP
Compatible With: Maglite ARXX075, Streamlight 20170, 25170

Manufactured using ET2500D cells from Intec.

5/ET2500D Replacement battery for Streamlight SL20/SL20X/SL20XP, Maglite 5000, Magcharger. Replaces Maglite ARXX075.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not the battery for the SL-20X LED or SL-20XP LED (See Our Battery models TB-25170, TB-77175).

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