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Model No
Selling Unit EACH
Categories Portable Power Product
Power Products & Accessories
Power Supplies
AC-AC Power Supplies
Description Power Supply 240VAC to 16VAC 1.25A UNREGULATED
Width 55mm
Height 90mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 60mm
Weight 534g

16V AC 1.25 Amp Unregulated Alarm Power Supply.

Designed for use with many house alarm panels.

Supplied with three metres of cable for connection to alarm. Terminated with bare ends.

Please note:
This Power supply is NOT regulated. The output voltage will therefore be higher than the listed rating above unless the full rated current is drawn. If exact voltages are required for powering your equipment, you will need to purchase a regulated or switchmode unit.

Be very careful and triple check that you have the correct plug, polarity and voltage selected to suit your equipment, otherwise damage to the equipment can and will occur. If unsure, check with the equipment manual or seek professional advice as MI cannot offer warranty for incorrectly selection in application choices.

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