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Description Battery Fighter JPR9000M ultra light, compact lithium ion polymer power jump starter with 810 amp (1000 amp peak) cranking output. Also features a Memory Saver function including OBD II connection. Dual purpose device that also serves as a 99.9W/hr portable power bank/external battery with 5V USB & 12VDC car plug power outlets
Application Jump Starter, Powerbank
Chemistry Lithium Ion Polymer
Voltage 5V/12V
Watt Hour 99.9Wh
Nominal Capacity 9Ah
Maximum Continuous
Discharge Current
Maximum Pulse
Discharge Current
Width 160mm
Height 45mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 192mm
Weight 1240g

JPR9000M 12V 9.0Ah high efficiency lithium jump starter. 


  • 810 amps continuous cranking output (1000 amps peak current) suitable for all vehicles with 12V engine starting. Suitable for up to 6000cc petrol engines and 3500cc diesel engines.
  • Recharge via included AC/DC adaptor or via 12VDC car lighter outlet with included charge cable.
  • Ultra light weight and compact compared to old style lead acid jump starters while featuring much greater cycle life (number of recharges) than lead acid technology.
  • Full recovery from deep discharge with extra long battery lifespan.
  • Reverse polarity, overdischarge and overheating protection.
  • 100% copper low resistance high current jumper cables with large style insulated colour coded crocodile clips.
  • Rainbow bar LED battery indicator.
  • Built-in LED worklight.
  • Built-in road emergency light.
  • Memory saver function to keep all settings during vehicle battery changeover with OBD II connector.
  • Use also as an external battery powerbank for camping and on the road to keep your portable equipment powered up and charged.
  • USB 5.0V power outlet 2.1A max suitable for all USB powered equipment including phones and tablets, MP3/MP4 players, PDAs, handheld games and more.
  • 12V DC 7.5A cigarette lighter type outlet for powering 12VDC devices and chargers.
  • Cycle lifetime of approx. 500 cycles (with battery still having greater than 70% of original capacity).
  • For Battery
    • Battery capacity: 9000mAh (12VDC)
    • Continuous discharge current: 810 Amp
    • Cranking Amp: 1000A (max.)
  • For Jump Start
    • Automatic cut off: 3 sec. per crank
    • Crank per full charge: 10 cranks
    • Suitable for up to 6000cc petrol / 3500cc diesel engines
  • For charging unit (with included AC and DC power supplies)
    • AC charger input: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
    • AC charger output: 12VDC 1.0A max.
    • DC charger input: 12VDC
    • DC charger output: 12VDC 1.0A.
  • For USB Output
    • Output: 5VDC 2.1A

Comes with:

  • Heavy duty copper cable anderson plug to crocodile clip jumper cables.
  • OBD II memory saver cable.
  • Alligator clips memory saver cable.
  • 110-240V AC 50/60Hz input via AC adaptor with Australian plug.
  • 12VDC car plug adaptor.
  • Handy carry bag and user manual.
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Please note: It is recommended that the battery is recharged shortly after use for optimum service life. It is not necessary to fully discharge the battery before recharging.

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