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Categories Phone-Game-GPS-PDA-Media Player-Tablet Chargers
Phone Wireless Chargers (Qi)
Qi Devices
Description Enecharger CHCR-QIMER Universal Charging Receiver compatible with Qi Wireless Charging System. Suitable for Mobile Phones with Micro USB Charge Port

This universal charging receiver is compatible with all Qi type wireless chargers. It provides the ability to include wireless charging on phones that don't have this feature already built in. This receiver is compatible with the Micro USB type connector interface.

Qi is the technology used by almost all companies making phones & other devices using wireless charging. Therefore this wireless charging adaptor is compatible and works with any Qi charging device regardless of the charger brand used. Charge times will differ depending on the size & capacity of the battery and the power output of the charger being used. Other than this the phone will charge just the same as it would as using a charging cable to charge.

This universal receiver uses a Micro USB type connector interface so is compatible with all devices using a Micro USB type input cable for charging.

How To Use:

Remove the phone cover or protective sleeve if using one. Insert the receiver connector into the phone or other device the same way as you would plug in the charging cable. Then carefully fold the receiver over onto the back of the phone. If your phone uses a protective sleeve or cover we recommend placing the receiver underneath the cover where possible. Otherwise use double sided tape (not supplied) to stick the receiver to the back of the device.

Place the device onto a wireless charger locating the centre of the wireless receiver over the centre of the charger. Your device then should start charging and the charge indicator on the device will display just as it would if connected and charging from its charging cable.

PLEASE NOTE whilst Qi wireless technology is constantly upgrading, early models of Qi wireless chargers have a very short charging range and can also be less powerful than newer version of wireless chargers therefore may be slower to charge and in some cases may not charge at all if a phone cover is used that is thick or made using metal material. If this happens try removing the cover and see if it works & it's likely it will then commence charging. If so we suggest using a thinner protective cover or case to enable wireless charging with that device.

Universal charging receivers are also available for devices using USB Type C connector interface and Apple lightning connector interface. Replacement wireless chargers are also available. To view our range of Qi wireless charging products please go to this page.


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