Product Details

Model No
Selling Unit EACH
Categories Power Products & Accessories
Battery Management & Monitoring
MG Energy
MG Energy System Monitors
Description MG Energy Monitor for touchscreen controlling & monitoring of MG battery systems
Original Brand MG Energy
Width 102.75mm
Height 69.95mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 38.38mm
Weight 205g

MG Energy Monitor

MG’s Energy Monitor controls and monitors MG battery systems. The high resolution display with touch screen shows all important battery parameters at a glance. This high IP65 display connect to the BMS CAN-Bus interface of the MG Master LV or HV. The integrated wifi module is able to connect the display to the cloud and makes it possible to remotely monitor your system with our Energy Portal.

  • Small 3.5 Inch display
  • Touchscreen
  • Short start-up time (<1 sec.)
  • CAN-Bus interface
  • IP65
  • WiFi Enabled

MG Energy Portal

MG offers a web platform to monitor and control your battery systems in the field. The highly customizable layout gives freedom to setup dashboard pages with all your relevant data. It allows you to remotely control your battery systems all over the world. The MG Energy Portal is an additional free to use web interface to MG’s product range.

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*Firmware Update:

MG Energy have updated the Energy Monitor firmware recently to include more information to aid the systems installers, and helpful tools for setting up with help etc. Click here to view the Update Guide



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