MI Battery Experts ELB-CND-440DH

Emergency Lighting Battery Pack suitable for Cellcon Flourescent Emergency Lights

*Connector is a female with female pins

Termination: This battery uses connector CE-TKFC.

Ensure this is the correct connector for your application. Follow the links for detailed connector drawings.

Suitable For:

Cellcon Aqua Signal Ceiling Luminaire 196180213 Emergency Flourescent Light

Compatible With:

Cellcon CND-440DH L5, PA-A2469 R001-KF; BST 9010072300, 510096, 6644853; Glamox Aqua Signal 9840145200; Gylling 9010072300; Imatech BV 98305616
Selling Unit EACH
Model No ELB-CND-440DH
Original Brand Cellcon
Description Emergency Lighting Battery Pack suitable for Cellcon Flourescent Emergency Lights
Application Emergency Lighting, Exit Lighting
Chemistry Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)
Voltage 6V
Watt Hour 27Wh
Nominal Capacity 4.5Ah
Termination JST-Solterco Connector
Size 5/D
Width 33mm
Height 35mm
Length / Breadth / Depth 335mm
Weight 693g
Categories Portable Power Product
Batteries Secondary (Rechargeable)
Emergency Lighting Batteries

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This battery pack is manufactured using high temperature cells specifically designed for constant charge use in emergency lighting applications.

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