24 Aug 2015

Lithium Jump Starters

Introducing the High Efficiency Lithium Jump starters from Battery Fighter


These lightweight and compact units now come in 5 sizes:

JPR9000M                    12V 9Ah with 810CCA output

JPR4500M                    12V 4.5Ah with 405CCA output

JPR9024M                    24V 9Ah with 810CCA output 

JPS3300M                    12V 3.3Ah with 330CCA output 

JPS1500M                    12V 1.5Ah with 150CCA output  


Features Include:

·        Compact and lightweight – especially when compared to the Lead Acid powered jump starters

·        The ability to recharge via the included AC/DC adaptor or by 12 Volt car lighter output

·        Internal Lithium-Polymer battery for high cycle life and longevity

·        Full recovery from deep discharge

·        All the safety features including Reverse Polarity, Over-discharge and Overheat protection

·        Low resistance high current jumper cables

·        Memory Saver function - OBD II connector

·        LED Battery Indicator

·        Built-in LED work light and Road Emergency light


As a portable battery, it can also be used as a portable power pack with both a 5.0V 2 Amp output USB socket, and a 12 volt cigarette lighter socket!

View the whole range.


Another great quality range from Battery Fighter.

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