21 Oct 2014

Battery Fighter Mini

Battery Fighter has introduced an entry level 2 stage battery charger / maintainer perfect for smaller lead acid batteries – up to 20Ah.

The charger has a 12 Volt 1.0 Amp output featuring constant current and constant voltage charge stages, and automatic shut-off - ideal for use with 12V motorcycle and small vehicle batteries.


Available with either of 3 termination options:

Alligator clips                        Model #   BSE1210-INT-A

Male Cigarette lighter plug  Model #   BSE1210-INT-C

or Spade terminals               Model #   BSE1210-INT-S

This charger also features and interchangeable input plug so you can take it with you overseas (Europe, USA and UK plugs available separately)


Click here to view the flyer


With a $29.95 Suggested Retail Price, this little charger is ideal for the household!


Check out the Battery Fighter Mini range today!
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