17 Nov 2014

Ansmann Impulse

Master Instruments is now stocking a large range of Ansmann branded products. This German technology company is constantly adapting it range to meet current market demands. This innovative business model, and range of quality products, is why Ansmann is renowned worldwide.

To start off with, here are a number of products we feel are perfect for the Christmas trading period!

Mobile Phone Accessories:

1700-0023               Smart Universal Holder For Digital Devices

1000-0004               Car Charger & Smart Phone Holder 1.5A output + Cables


Battery Testers for Primary & Rechargeable batteries

4000001                   Battery Tester for Most Size Batteries Primary & Rechargeable

4000042                  LED Energy Check Tester for Most Size Batteries Primary & Rechargeable

4000392                  LCD Energy Check Tester for Battery Voltage and Capacity Indication

1900-0019               PowerCheck 12/24V Tester for Battery Voltage Indication


Torch, Laser Pointers and Accessories

5819073                  HD3 LED 170 Lumen Headlight 3AAA

5819083                  HD5 LED 40 Lumen Headlight 3AAA

1600-0028               Stylus 4in1 Touch Mulitfunctional Pen/Torch/Stylus/Laser Pointer

1600-0046               Mini Stylus 2 in 1 LED Torch & Laser Pointer

1600-0037               Mini KeyChain Light 5cm Aluminium Housing 1cm Diameter

5000023                   SF-1 Search Stick Multifunctional Light/Pen/Pointer

1600-0003               Universal Torch Holder 10mm - 30mm Diameter 360 Degree Rotation


Battery Holders/Storage

4000033                  8 x AAA/AA/CR123A/Memory Cards BatteryBox



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