10 Nov 2015

Are These The World's Best Value AA Batteries?

The Fujitsu range of "Ready to Use", low self discharge rechargeable batteries offer affordable solutions for most appliactions. Whether you require the highest capacity or the highest amount of recharges, Fujitsu's innovative range can help.


From the only manufacturer in Japan, and the world's largest manufacturer of Ready to Use NiMH rechargeable batteries, performance and reliability is assured.


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Introducing the Special Edition Fujitsu HR-3UTK(4B). Are these the World's Best Value AA batteries?

Imagine a battery that does all this! :-

  • Up to 4.5 times more powerful than alkaline AA batteries & not far short of a lithium AA especially in high drain devices such as digital cameras and motorised toys
  • Can be recharged up to 1800 times
  • Pre-Charged Ready to Use straight from the pack. No prior charging required
  • Hold Charge for years when not in use. Still 70% charged after 5 years storage from fully charged
  • Completely recyclable product & packaging. Pre-charged from solar power at the factory. Packaging also recyclable.
  • Works in sub zero temperatures up to the hottest summer day
  • World's best quality made in Japan. Failure rate almost zero!


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