21 May 2018

CEC Approved Victron Items

Did you know that many Victron Energy products feature on the Australian Clean Energy Council list of complaint Inverters and Power Control Equipment (PCE)?

The Clean Energy Council maintains a list of compliant inverters and power conversion equipment (PCE) that is approved for installation under the Renewable Energy Certificate scheme.

This list is also used by some Distribution Network Service Providers to validate inverter energy system applications. Accredited installers should always refer to the list(s) before performing an installation. Only systems with products from the approved lists are entitled to small-scale technology certificates (STCs).

Whilst there are over 40 Victron Energy items on the list, here is the list of products MI currently carry.

MultiGrid & MultiPlus range:

Quattro Inverter/Charger Range:

Smart Solar MPPT Range:

Blue Solar MPPT Range:

All of the above products will have been marked with CEC Approved label on their respective webpages for easy confirmation.

To see the full CEC Approved list click here
To find out more about STC's click here

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