11 Mar 2021

New Cordless Soldering Iron

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Professional grade lithium ion powered cordless soldering iron providing faster, safe and cord free soldering capabiltiy to your tool box.

Solder Master gives you ultimate flexibility in soldering with a Lithium Ion battery powered soldering iron. 


Under 10 Second Heat-Up

The Solder Master takes just 10 seconds to get up to temperature! Great for professional or handyman use

Up to 1 Month of Daily Use from a single full charge

Providing up to 270 minutes[1] use from a single charge - lasting up to one month with professional use [2].

Handy LED Guide Light

Pinpoints the work area for greater accuracy, especially in poorly lit or confined spaces

Battery Level (SOC) Indicator

The SoC indicator lets you know the state of charge of the battery with markings at: 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%

Interchangeable Solder Tips

Swap out your solder tips quickly & easily, depending on the job at hand.

Solder Master Iron Kit

The Solder Master ESM50WL Iron is supplied as a full kit including AC & DC chargers, 2 Solder tips & 15g Lead-Free solder, all inside a handy carry case


Battery powered means No gas, no fuel, no flame, no combustion and no leaks - Solder Master maintains consistent tip temperature for hassle free soldering in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Constructed with premium Panasonic Lithium ion cells to provide exceptional run time and long service life, and housed within an ergonomic and balanced housing, the ESM-50WL soldering iron offers years of reliable service.

Advantage of the Solder Master Soldering Iron over traditional soldering irons:

  • Complete cord-free operation.
  • Recharge anywhere - never run out of gas.
  • Suitable for high wind environments
  • Safe for air travel with element detached.
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*Do not keep boost mode sustained as it may damage the tip. Only use boost mode once every 25 seconds. [1] under 25deg;C ambient temperature. [2] Based on 40 solders per day for 20 working days with a solder dwell time of 20 seconds per solder
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