Pylontech PELIO-L-20.48

Pylontech PELIO-L-20.48

PELIO-L-20.48 51.2V 400Ah 20.48kWh Slim-line ESS Floor Mounted System (4 Modules and Ground Bracket)

PELIO-L 51.2V 300Ah 20.48kWh Slim-line ESS Floor Mounted System (4 Modules and Ground Bracket)

Pelio is a sleek & minimalist battery storage system specifically developed for modern residential properties. 

With it's white steel facade, slim-line footprint and Indoor or outdoor and floor or wall mounting capabilities, the Pelio blends seamlessly into any residential or small commercial installation.

Scalable from 5.12kWh up to 102.4kWh, 24/7 monitoring capability and advanced battery management system, The Pelio BESS system will provide safe & reliable well into the future.

Features & Benefits:

  • Scalable & Modular design for systems 5.12kWh to 102.4kWh (up to 20 modules)
  • Lightweight and Slimline design
  • High Capacity 51.2V 100Ah modules 1C discharge capability
  • Cycle life: >8000 cycles @ 25°C with 95% DoD for daily cyclic applications
  • Advanced BMS with over discharge, over charge, over current and high/low temperature protection to ensure safe operation
  • IP65 Rated and suitable for Indoor or Outdoor installation
  • Floor or Wall mountable to adapt to any location (Wall - 3 modules max. Ground - 4 modules max)
  • 24/7 Wifi Monitoring with simple to use mobile App
  • Monitor your energy production and consumption in real time
  • 15 year design life
  • Compatible with many available Hybrid inverters
  • Meets international standards: IEC62619, IEC63056, IEC62040, IEC62477-1, UL1973, U1642,UL9540A, VDE2510-50, IEC61000-6-2, IEC61000-6-3, UN38.3
  • Clean Energy Council Approved (CEC)

Warranty: The Pelio-L comes with a standard warranty of 10 years.


Chemistry LiFePO4
System Voltage (V) 51.2V
System Capacity (kWh) 20.48kWh
System Capacity (Ah) 400Ah
No of Modules 4
Charge Voltage (V) 56.0V - 56.8V
System Recommended Charge/Discharge (A) 100A (1 cable set)
200A (2 cable sets)
300A (3 cable sets)
320A (4 cable sets)
System Max. Charge/Discharge (A) - 15 Minutes 120A (1 cable set)
240A (2 cable sets)
360A (3 cable sets)
480A (4 cable sets)
System Peak Charge/Discharge (A) - 15 seconds 200A (1 cable set)
400A (2 cable sets)
600A (3 cable sets)
800A (4 cables sets)
Discharge Voltage (V) 44.8V - 56.8V
Depth of Discharge (DoD) 95%
Communications RS485, CAN
Operation & Connection WIFI (2.4G), USB2.0
Protection Class IP65
Communications RS485 / CAN
Design Life (Years) 15 years
Operating Temperature Charge -0°C to +50°C
Operating Temperature Discharger -10°C to +50°C
Altitude <4000 metres
Humidity 5% - 95% RH - No Condensation
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System Integration Information:
The Pylontech Pelio-L can be integrated with many of the worlds leading inverter brands. Contact us for System integration information for the following brands: 

pylontech compatible inverter brands

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pylontech_to_victron     Click Here to read more about Pylontech integration with Victron Energy products and DVCC

Selling Unit EACH
Model No PELIO-L-20.48
Brand Pylontech brand logo
Description PELIO-L-20.48 51.2V 400Ah 20.48kWh Slim-line ESS Floor Mounted System (4 Modules and Ground Bracket)
Application Home & SME Solar Storage
Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Voltage 51.2V
Watt Hour 20480Wh
Nominal Capacity 400Ah
Size 20.48kWh
Categories Batteries Secondary (Rechargeable)
Lithium Ion Batteries
Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Packs
48 Volt Series LiFePO4
Energy Storage Systems (ESS)
Low Voltage Energy Storage Systems
Pylontech Pelio-L Series
Pylontech Pelio-L Systems
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This product appears on the Clean Energy Council list of currently approved batteries (energy storage devices)

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