10 May 2022

Fanso Spiral Wound EOL

Fanso Spiral Wound M Series EOL Notification

Please be advised that Fanso’s parent company, EVE group, has made the decision to close the factory that manufactures their spiral wound lithium thionyl chloride cells.

This means that the Fanso M series will no longer be available once sold through.

With final orders closing June 2022, we have secured approximately 18 months worth of stock to see us through.

The models that this will affect are:
•    ER14505M    Fanso    AA 3.6V 2100mAh Lithium Cell (PULSE) Spiral Wound
•    ER17335M    Fanso    2/3A 3.6V 1700mAh Lithium Cell Spiral Wound
•    ER18505M    Fanso    Fat A 3.6V 3500mAh Lithium Cell Spiral Wound
•    ER26500M    Fanso    C 3.6V 6000mAh Lithium Cell Spiral Wound
•    ER34615M    Fanso    D 3.6V 14000mAh Lithium Cell Spiral Wound

For the time being the alternative products available are:

Fanso M Series Saft Fanso Maxell
ER14505M LS14500 (+SLC)*

ER14505H (+SLC)*

ER17335M     ER17/33#5TC (+SLC)*
ER18505M   ER18505H (+SLC)*  

LSH14 (Spiral Wound type)

LS26500 (+SLC)*

ER26500H (+SLC)*


LSH20 (Spiral Wound type)

LS33600 (+SLC)*

ER34615H (+SLC)*




*Requires Super Capacitor - please speak to a Master Instruments team member to confirm suitability

We will be working with our valued customers as available stock sells through to find a suitable alternative to ensure minimal disruptions.

The MI Product team are also working to find a suitable quality alternative brand to fill the void left by this factory closure. There are many challenges such as the increasing cost of lithium, increasing freight & logistical costs and lower volumes for spiral wound products compared to Bobbin style product. Stay tuned for developments in this space.

If you have any questions, please contact out friendly sales team.

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