Boost (Wake Up)


The Boost function is used to reactivate batteries with open or shorted circuit. Those batteries are usually Lithium based rechargeable batteries with a protection circuit module (PCM).

When battery cell voltage is below minimum value caused by overdischarge, the PCM module is activated and disables components, usually FET, so that the battery pack is protected and no longer in service.

When the PCN is activated, the battery pack enters into sleep mode. The Boost function 'wakes' the battery pack from sleep mode and puts it back into service.

Procedure and Standard:

The battery is trickle-charged for 3 minutes at 100mA. When the battery voltage reaches more than 0.3V/cell on Nickel based batteries and 2.5V/cell on Li-ion batteries, they are usually reactivated successfully and can be charged later on. If Boost does not raise the voltage to desired voltage or 'wakes up' the battery, apply the Boost again.



No specific report is available for this function.


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