Prime Test

Prime Test


This test is used to prepare new or stored battery for use. A new or stored battery may require several charge/discharge cycles to form the cells to achieve peak performance.

Procedure and Standard

The machine cycles the battery until the difference of two capacity readings is less than 5%. Maximum of 4 cycles are applied untill the 5% difference is reached. This allows for batteries that cannot accept a full charge on the first cycle. If the battery is fully discharged, the machine will charge it. Some batteries may require several Prime cycles to fully form the cells.


Cadex C7x00-C, Cadex C8000, Vencon UBA


Detailed display shows battery capacity percentages for the last three cycles performed as well as cell voltage, current, battery tempreature and duration of service.

Batteries in good condition should be greater than 80%. If the result is lower than that, the battery should be primed again. It is not unusual to carry two or three prime tests to fully form a battery.

To prime a battery, it should take:

  • 5-10 horus for NiCd and NiMH
  • 40-80 hours for SLA
  • 12-25 horus for Li-ion with default system settings.
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