Reading Smart Battery

Reading Smart Battery


This is primarily used to identify the fuel gauge out-of-calibration that can occur in battery packs that have been in service for some time. Thus further recalibration procedure can be performed if it is needed. It can also be used to evaluate the agin progress of a battery pack by reading the total cycles accumulated throughout the service period before reading.

Procedure and Standard

A computer is connected to the battery via a interface unit. A specific software can transfer the relevant information from the battery pack onto the computer screenin a readable format.


  • EV2300 - Texas Instruments
  • DS9490R (1-wire USB Port Adaptor) - Maxim Integrated

Result Sample

The figure below shows a typical reading from EV2300(Texas Instruments).

The figure below is a sample report from a DSR9409R(Maxim Integrated)

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