The purpose of this test is to sort battery state-of-health into three categories within the short period of 30 seconds.

Those categories are good, fair and poor. Batteries with good result is in good condition and can be uses. The fair result indicates it's recommended to replace the battery. The result of poor means the battery failed the test or is faulty and shall not be used.

Procedure and Standard

QuickSort™ consists of several pulses and Cadex Ohn Test.

An appoximation to the batteries condition is then made by the Cadex.


Cadex 5100B, Cadex C7x00-C


The machine display shows the battery condition as "Good", "Fair" and "Poor"


This test is limited to single cell Li-ion 3.7V and 500mA to 1500mAh batteries.

On C5100, the Q-code can handle battery with capacity up to 5000mAh.

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