Discharge Test

Discharge Test


This test is used to determine the residual capacity of a battery, prepares battery for storage and checks battery performance under specific load.

Procedure and Standard

The battery is discharged until its voltage reaches the end-of-discharge setting.


Please see the following table:

  Cadex C7x00-C Cadex C8000 Vencon UBA CBAIV + Amplifier
Discharge Current 100mA - 4A 30mA - 20A 12mA - 3A 10mA - 160A
Voltage 1.2V - 36V 1.2V - 36V 1.2V - 44V 0V - 55V
Battery Test Range up to 24Ah 50mAh - 100Ah 20mAh - 120Ah up to 1000Ah
Battery Type Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable Rechargeable & Primary

Result Sample

Detail display shows battery capacity as percentage of manufacturer's capacity. It also shows average cell voltage, current in mA, battery temperature and duration of service. The duration of service is subject to the discharge current. Generally it is about 1 hour under default setting of 1C discharge rate.

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