QuickTest™ of Cadex determines the battery SoH(State-of-Health) that is an approximation of the battery capacity and resistance. It is primarily used for batch testing on high volumes of the same type of batteries.

Procedure and Standard

The battery is tested to ensure that it has 20%~90% state of charge. If not, it applies a charge or discharge for 5 minutes. The machine then performs a sequence of resistance tests, partial charges, discharges and rest. Test results are compared to the matrix to determine the battery state of health.


Cadex C7x00-C

Cadex C7x00-C

Result Sample

The results will show the battery condition as 'Poor', 'Marginal', 'Good' and 'Excellent'.

Detail display also shows cell voltage, charge and discharge current, battery temperature and duration of test.

For most batteries, it takes about 5 minutes.

Test results can be provided on printed Dymo Labels 19mm x 55mm

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