Test Under Specified Load


The aim of this test is to simulate battery performance by running a set of user-defined load until the battery reached specified end of discharge voltage. The end of discharge voltage, load and time can be set as required by customers in volts, amperes and minutes. This test is particularly  useful to determine the battery performance under stressful heavy load continuously.

Procedure and Standard:

The battery is fully charged. The next step is to discharge the battery to specified end of discharge voltage by customer. If not specific requirements are provided by the customer, MI will assist in choosing the values within battery maximum ratings according to the battery datasheet. After discharging, the battery is fully charged again. The total capacity calculated from discharging is assesed to determine the real capacity of the battery. The whole testing can be repeated as required. The duration of testing time is listed as below at default charge and discharge rates.


 NiCd/MiMH: 2.5-10 Hours
 SLA: 20-40 Hours
 Li-ion/LiFePO4: 6-20 Hours



1.  Cadex Analyser - C7x00s& C8000

Voltage: 1.2V - 36V
Current: 100mA-20A
Power: 35W-100W (per station)

2. West Mountain Radio(WMR) CBA Analyser with 500W amplifier

Voltage: 0.9V-55V
Current: 45mA - 160A
Power: 500W

3. Vencon UBA

Voltage: 1.2V-44V
Current: 12mA - 3A
Power: 45W(per channel)


The detail display(right) shows battery run-times as well as battery voltage, current and tempreature.

In addition, this test reports the duration of the voltage, battery capacity in aH. The real capacity from testing is shown as a percentage of the rated capacity of battery in the report of the Cadex Analysers.

See the test report samples as below:

1. Cadex Test Report
2. CBA Test Report
3. UBA Test Report



Sample Report 1: CADEX C7




Sample Report 1: CADEX C7


Sample Report 2: CBA
Sample Report 3: UBA


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